What is Adfun?

Adfun is a mobile advertising platform that rewards users who engage with advertisers by completing certain actions. Rewards consist of coupons, discounts, gift cards, prizes, and virtual currency that enable users to bid on expensive items in the Adfun Team Auctions and Bidding Rooms.

How does it work?
  1. Download the Adfun Application in the App Store™, Google Play™, or Adfun website at goadfun.com
  2. Complete Registration and Create your Adfun account and Profile
  3. Interact with the AD Channel. Watch advertisements, take surveys, engage with Adfun’s advertisers.
    **Note: Find out how to get more BT&BM by reading Adfun’s Terms and Conditions.
  4. Get rewarded. Use virtual currency (BT&BM) to earn gift cards, rewards, or bid on luxury items in the Adfun Team Auctions/ Bidding Rooms.
How much does it cost?

Adfun is FREE.
*Note that if you’re not in a Wi-Fi coverage area, you will need to pay for the costs for your mobile Internet.

What’s in it for me?

Adfun offers a rich and unique brand experience to its users. Users will be able to view mobile-tailored media ad campaigns and engage with advertisers and products like never before. To reward your engagement, users will be able to redeem virtual currency for brand name gift cards and goods. One of the most unique experiences that Adfun offers is Team Auction. Users will be able to bid on luxury items with their friends.

What information is required in order for me to redeem points for a reward?

The more complete your profile, the easier it will be to redeem rewards. We ask for your gender and birthday so that we can tailor your Adfun experience. We ask for your mailing address when redeeming products that need to be shipped to you.

What are BT and BM?

BT is Bidding Ticket. BT is also used to redeem prizes in the Adfun Store. You also pay BT every time you make a bid.

BM is Bidding Money; it is Adfun’s virtual currency used to bid on items in Adfun’s Bidding Rooms and redeem gift cards and goods in the Store.

How do I get BT and BM?

After enrolling, you can start earning BT&BM by fulfilling certain conditional actions. These actions include (1) Watching advertisements, (2) Re-watching advertisements, (3) Referring new users, (4) Posting on qualifying social media outlets, (5) Completing surveys, (6) Commenting on certain posts, (7) Re-posting advertisements or Wish Items on Facebook, (8) Watching advertisements from Billboard, (9) Allowing your friends to watch the Ads you’ve posted to your Billboard, and (10) Daily Adfun check-ins. On occasion, there may be special offers or sweepstakes (collectively, Events) that will allow you to obtain more BT&BM.

How do I redeem my BT&BM?

You can redeem your BT&BM for real rewards. Check out the Adfun Store tab to see everything that’s available. Regularly check back to the Bidding Prize List to see which auctions are open and which auctions are coming soon.

What is the Bidding Prize List?

The bidding prize list is a list of auctions items users can win from interacting with our app. Users can select which bidding prize they want to bid on. Each bidding prize will contain information about the item, the base price of the item, and the details of the Auction.

What is Wish List?

The Wish List allows users to vote and choose which item they would like to have featured on Adfun’s Bidding Prize List. You may choose “wish”, comment, or post to your Billboard or Facebook or Comment to receive additional BM.

How does the Adfun Auction work? How do I win?

To participate in the Adfun Auction, you must meet the Bidding Room requirements. In rooms that indicate “Solo” on the Bidding homepage, you may enter the bidding room and participate in the auction by yourself. Pay the requisite BT each time you make a bid. The requisite BT payment per bid is indicated on the top bar of each bidding room. In rooms that indicate “X friends” you must be in a team. To create a team, first select the bidding prize you’d like to bid on. Select the “Join, Invite” button and invite your friend. You may select the same button to accept your friend’s invitation. You may not make duplicate teams.

You may post BM in your Bidding Room by selecting on “Post.” Your bid may not exceed the Max Bid, as indicated on the top bar of the bidding room. Live bidding shows the people who have bid on the same bidding prize. The winning bid must be a unique number, not chosen by any other user that is closest to the base price for the prize. Please read the auction text carefully and make no assumptions. All bids are final. Please remember that you must meet bidding room and team requirements to win. If you do not have the requisite team members, you will be disqualified from the auction.

On occasion, Adfun may extend Bidding Time. A notification will be sent to you through the Application or the Time Remaining will be indicated in Bidding Room itself. You may not place a bid once the Bidding Time has expired.

The results will be announced after the Auction has closed. The results will also be showing on the “Bidding Results” tab on the User’s Hidden Menu.

For additional information regarding Adfun’s Auction rooms, please read Adfun’s Terms and Conditions.

What is Talk?

Talk allows you to chat live with your friends and others while bidding and interacting with the Adfun app. You can also exchange BT&BM via Talk.

How do I check how much I have earned?

Select the Wallet Icon on top of the Adfun Application to see how much you’ve earned and to check your BT&BM history.

I lost my ID and password.

Please contact us at support@goadfun.com in order to retrieve your ID/ PW.

Are there any restrictions to joining Adfun?

One person may only have one account. We take this seriously and will deactivate multiple accounts. You must also be over the age of 13. If you are younger than 18 years of age, you need to obtain parental consent before redeeming rewards. You must follow all conditions of Adfun’s Code of Conduct as indicated in the Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so will result in suspension or termination from the Adfun Program and Service. You must be an active participant in a team to win and redeem an Adfun reward from a Bidding Room. This means you must place a bid.

Will Adfun work on my device?

Currently, Adfun is available on iOS devices with an iOS version of 5.0 or greater and on Android devices with an OS of 2.3.3 or greater.

How do I contact you?

Please contact us at support@goadfun.com for any inquiries or comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Add fun to your life with Adfun!

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