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At Adfun we want to create a community where we can talk, share, win, and enjoy together.
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Team Auction

The Adfun bidding system, through promoting equal winning opportunity for all users, can be better adapted with team bidding. The Adfun bidding system designates winners according to the most unique betting amount that is closest to the bidding item cost. All the duplicate bids for a specific betting amount are negated, and only unique numbers are awarded. Thus Adfun’s Team Auction improves users’ chances of winning their favorite prizes because each member of the user’s team offers more chances with unique bid amounts. For example, if he enters with a team of 3, his team has 3 members each bidding different bidding amounts resulting in 3 times the effectiveness. Team Auctions are a great strategy because not only does a team receive more bidding opportunities, but also if one teammate bids the winning amount, the whole team wins!

Bidding Items

Offering some of the most luxurious prizes imaginable, Adfun’s ‘Bidding Items’ window features all the current bidding auctions available to join. The Bidding Items listed includes detailed descriptions of the product offered, the number of teams currently joined, the maximum number of users allowed per team, as well as the Bidding Ticket and Bidding Money prices. Winning any of these quality prizes requires each individual or team to enter an auction worth a certain Bidding Ticket entrance price, and then make bids for the item being auctioned. Once the maximum number of teams allotted for the auction is reached, the specific auction will be closed and a winner will be selected and contacted.

My Bidding

By clicking on the ‘My Bidding’ icon near the top center of the Adfun interface, users can conveniently manage the bids on all their current team auctions as well as stay updated with the progress of each auction. The My Bidding window consolidates all bidding action into one location allowing for easy access and action. Users can simply scroll through their list of participating auctions to stay up to date on all the action.

Bidding Talk

The ‘Bidding Talk’ interface is optimized for team communication throughout the Team Auction process. Bidding Talk is similar to ‘Friend’s Talk,’ but is specialized for auction purposes and limited to members of the team participating in that specific auction. The Bidding Talk function allows for the sharing of Bidding Tickets and Bidding Money between team members in order to facilitate cooperative bidding and gameplay.

Wish List

We understand that you can’t always have everything you want, but you can always wish for everything you want. With a simple click of the ‘star,’ you can add your most coveted prizes to your Wish Item list to keep track of their availability and auctions. It lets us know what prizes to feature on our Team Auctions. Watch your favorite sponsored ads to gather enough Bidding Tickets and Bidding Money, and make your wishes come true!


Adfun’s ‘Billboard’ window features shared social activity of its users. The Billboard option broadcasts and catalogues the latest auction winnings, product comments, or favorite ads for all their friends to see. The Billboard facilitates quick and easy communication and sharing amongst friends making Adfun a social experience. Interacting with the Adfun Billboard is one way for users to earn more Bidding Tickets and Bidding Money to use in the Adfun Store and other Team Auctions.


Adfun’s ‘Notification’ window is listed on the user’s main interface as the globe icon. All the notices received from subscribed sponsors, team members, friends, and the Adfun application itself will be collected and managed through the Notification function. Users can quickly scroll through the notifications window for speedy up to date information or click on specific notices for more detail.


Similar to popular social media platforms, the Adfun ‘Friends’ window allows for users to create an Adfun community through inviting and accepting friend requests. As users build their Adfun friend network, they have the option to give and receive both Bidding Tickets and Bidding Money to use in auctions or in the Adfun store. Users can scroll through their friend’s list menu on the right side of the application window to share bidding currency, converse, or invite to join Team Auctions.


Adfun ‘Talk’ allows for users to communicate quickly and easily with members on their Friends list. This chatting function features both group and one on one chat options to promote cooperative gameplay and fun. To access the Adfun Talk feature, users can click the message bubble icon on the top left of their friends list and invite friends into a group chat or message a single person.

Winners List

The Adfun ‘Winners List’ showcases the winners of all the awesome prizes won through auctions. Users can scroll through the list to locate their own winnings and share the congratulations via the Billboard, Friends Talk, or through a number of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Basically, the Winners List provides a medium to search for one’s own wins.


The virtual Adfun ‘Wallet’ makes managing your hard-earned bidding currency convenient and ready to use in every auction. By tapping the small icon at the top center of the Adfun interface, you can quickly view your current Bidding Ticket and Bidding Money totals. Make sure to check your wallet often to best manage each bid you make!

Adfun Store

Where all your hard ad-watching pays off, the ‘Adfun Store’ is the go-to place for all your luxury prize purchases. Featured in the Adfun Store are sponsored prizes ranging from coupons and gift cards to actual products all purchased with the currency of BM. No bidding auctions required! One simple click, and that Starbucks gift card is yours to use for your next latte!


One much appreciated category of Adfun prizes include coupons from sponsors for their products. Each coupon can be directly purchased with a select amount of Bidding Money and does not involve bidding between teams or individuals. Once redeemed, the coupon will be listed under the ‘Coupons’ window for quick storage and easy usage.


Adfun seeks to facilitate the communication between companies and their loyal customers. With the ‘Sponsors’ window, users can select for their favorite companies and products, and choose to watch their preferred ads. The Sponsors window also allows Adfun users to browse for new and interesting products to search and bid on. If you are going to watch ads, we want you to watch what you want!

M&T Channel

The ‘M&T Channel’ features all the sponsored advertisements available for viewing on the Adfun app and is the primary source of earning bidding currency. Each of the ads displayed on the M&T Channel reward users with a specific Bidding Ticket amount. After watching an ad, the ‘Related Ads’ window pops up with follow up advertisements users can then watch to obtain Bidding Money. The commercials featured in M&T Channel award watchers with Bidding Tickets, and the ads available in the Related Ads window award watchers with Bidding Money.

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