Team Auction

Band of Brothers & Sisters

Join in the excitement of winning your absolute favorite prizes with all your friends. Adfun’s ‘Team Auction’ allows you to work together as a team for a fun and rewarding communal gameplay.


With the unique Adfun bidding system, the advantage of a team is the ability to strategically plan bidding amounts giving your team higher chances of winning. Make sure to bid different BM amounts to improve your chances.

Bidding Items

Your Own Virtual Shopping-Spree

Those annoying television commercials and mobile pop up ads become much less annoying when they lead to Adfun’s wide array of luxury prizes. Adfun rewards you for every sponsored advertisement you watch with Bidding Tickets and Bidding Money you can use to redeem that perfect prize you’ve been eyeing in the store! Our featured prizes make great birthday gifts for your family and friends or, of course, a splurge for yourself.

Wish List

Dream Big

We understand that you can’t always have everything you want, but you can always wish for everything you want. With a simple click of the ‘star,’ you can add your most coveted prizes to your Wish Item list to keep track of their availability and auctions. It lets us know what prizes to feature on our Team Auctions. Watch your favorite sponsored ads to gather enough Bidding Tickets and Bidding Money, and make your wishes come true!


Productive Chit Chat

Adfun is all about community. With our interactive chat options, you and all your friends can plan bidding strategies, share your favorite ads, or just catch up on how you are doing. The Adfun chat option makes communication easy and convenient for all users.


Hey, check this out!

Adfun supports the instinctive action of sharing something awesome. After watching a hilarious, inspirational, or potentially life-changing advertisement, you naturally want to share the awesomeness with all your friends. ‘Billboard’ allows you to engage with friends via social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, to enjoy your favorite ads together.

My Bidding

Simple Bidding Management

Keep track of all your Bidding Tickets and Bidding Money transactions with the ‘My Bidding’ window. This function compiles the bidding wars for your most anticipated prizes and lets you manage them with ease.

Winners List

“Congratulations! You’ve won!”
Our ‘Winners List’ shares the good news to all your friends!

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